“Policy Webinar” – Good Food & Good Business: State Options

Charting a Course toward Good Food and Good Business: State Options  December 14, 2011   11 a.m. Central Time

Charting a Course toward Good Food and Good Business: State Options

Healthier people and a more thriving economy can result from strengthening food systems.  This webinar will feature presentations about work in the states to bring food that is affordable, fresh and healthy to schools and communities. It will include an overview of Michigan’s Good Food Charter including provisions related to local food purchasing, school nutrition standards and nutrition education that incorporates agricultural entrepreneurship. Local food systems including the Nuestras Raíces project in Holyoke, Massachusetts and policy efforts by Wholesome Wave and their cultural, health and economic benefits will also be discussed. 

To participate - you will have to register on the site of the National Conference for State Legislatures…but well worth it! Go to: www.ncsl.org/default.aspx?TabId=23873

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