USDA ERS Reports: Local Food Accounted for $4.8 Billion in 2008

Authors of a recent USDA ERS report had this to say about the local food sales in the US during 2008: Despite increased production and consumer interest, locally grown food accounts for a small segment of U.S. agriculture. For local foods production to continue to grow, marketing channels and supply chain infrastructure must deepen. Information on U.S. local food producers and their marketing channels, however, is incomplete. New information on farmers that market foods locally and the marketing channels they use presented in this report could aid private- and public-sector efforts to support this sector of the agricultural economy. 

The USDA Economic Research Service Report written by Sarah Low and Stephen Vogel and released in November 2011 is available in whole or as an Amber Waves article. You can download both by clicking the links below:






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