Illinois Legislation

Along with the key legislation that created the Illinois Local Food, Farms and Jobs task force and council this page provides a list of food systems bills passed by the Illinois General Assembly.

It is important to document the legislation written and passed by the Illinois General Assembly in order to establish the Illinois Food, Farms and Jobs Task Force and Council. Those legislative bills are listed on this page along with other pertinent legislation that was written to strengthen the Illinois food system.

Illinois citizen participation in the legislative process has been vital to the development of a vibrant network of food system related bills. The voice of Illinois citizens ­ whether they be consumers, growers, processors, transporters, businesses, health care providers, schools, institutions or solid waste managers ­ informs elected decision makers about the need for retention of Illinois grown and processed foods.

While this page will feature the food system bills passed by the Illinois General Assembly, it will not attempt to monitor bills being considered within the Illinois Senate or Illinois House of Representatives. Instead a link to the Illinois Stewardship Alliance will provide individuals with information about food policy legislation. Visit the and click on state policy under the “What We Do” tab for the latest on food systems legislation.

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